All About Decorative Concrete – Stamped Concrete, Stained Concrete, Scored Concrete And Polished Concrete

Concrete driveways have been a popular form of construction using concrete. There are companies now that know how to use concrete in a totally different way. With special techniques, concrete is becoming a number one choice for many home owners, business owners and developers. Concrete is also being used in cities along the interstates to decorate the area around the bridges and overpasses to offer a more inviting look to the travelers that go through their area. You can also visit this site for more information. The uses and possibilities have fairly well become endless and are being taken advantage of on a regular basis through out Melbourne and many other areas. Not only can this product be made to look good but it is very durable and taken care of properly can last a lifetime.

So Many Choices

There are so many different choices that can be selected to add to most any decor. It can be kept simple and just add some color to it. One way to do this is called staining. The most popular form of staining is done with an acid stain and this form will react with the concrete and will normally create a marbleized look. Other types of stains include water based and acrylic stains. These will normally form a more uniform color by these stains seeping into the pours of the concrete and creating a stained color. If there are defects in your concrete, it is recommended to use the water or acrylic as they will not make your defects stand out and be as noticeable. It is recommended that after the stain has set and dried, to consider sealing your project for years of protection. Many will use a wax type sealing agent for inside projects and other more durable sealants for their outside projects.

All About Decorative Concrete - Stamped Concrete, Stained Concrete, Scored Concrete And Polished Concrete

Other Choices

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Scored concrete
  • Polished concrete
  • Concrete with aggregates added
  • Rough or smooth textures

Decorative Concretes

Exposed aggregate concrete is another popular choice to customize your project to match your decor. This entails adding special rocks, colored pebbles, metal items or most any elements to the concrete to create the look that will make the statement to match your home or business project. Decorative concrete is many times referred to as architectural concrete because of its many uses in the construction industry today. Another popular form of decorative concrete is known as stamped concrete. This is concrete that is designed with a pattern to make it look bricks, or rocks and can even be made to look like wood or tile. This style is quite popular and is often used on sidewalks, around swimming pools and even works well in indoor flooring.

As you are planning your project, be sure and discuss with your contractor what you would like your end results to be. He is experienced in this type of projects and will know how to recommend what it will take to complete the project that you are looking for. If you are not satisfied you can visit this linkĀ .Many times by using a local contractor and many local and natural items available for your product you can save a substantial amount of money versus many other types of decor. When you start looking for your professional contractor, visit and find out how they can help you to make your dream project a reality.


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