Polished Concrete Cost

One of the many considerations when deciding on the installation of polished concrete is the polished concrete cost. Most people run on a budget whenever they do something such as improving their homes. Apart from the aesthetic appeal of a polished concrete cost, it also significantly raises the market value of any property. Many people want to enjoy the benefits or advantages that polished concrete brought to homes and businesses. But there are also many people who are financially incapable of engaging in a home improvement project such as installation of polished concrete floors. That is all in the past. Today, the use and installation of a polished concrete slab has been made generally affordable.

There are many companies who offer their polished concrete services for a reasonable price. One factor that affects the polished concrete cost is the size of the area where polished concrete floors are to be installed. The overall price usually depends on polished concrete cost per square meter. For instance, there are some companies that charged a minimum of $2- $3 per square meter of polished concrete. Depending on the type of polished concrete as well as the design and colors and other factors, this price range may go higher. The overall cost of the installation of polished concrete, however, remains to be budget-friendly.

Polished Concrete Cost – The Designs

As already mentioned, polished concrete design is another factor affecting the polished concrete cost. A home or business owner can choose from a wide array of ready-made designs provided by the company. However, there are instances that they would want to customize their own design. This is especially true in business establishments. Apart from just being an attractive flooring system, polished concrete floors often times carry the emblem of the company. Such designs could be stamped, stenciled, or engraved on the polished concrete floors. It is generally safe to say that intricate and complex polished concrete designs cost more compared to a simple flooring design. Moreover, there are designs that work best in some places yet do not suit others.

For instance, a highly glossy polished concrete floor looks good in foyers but is not practical in polished concrete driveways. A glossy polished concrete may look good but not practical due to the frequency of traffic in driveways, both human and vehicle. Besides, polished concrete with high gloss finish reflects light which is not applicable in an outdoor setting such as in driveways. The level of polishing done can also affect the polished concrete cost. A matte finish or less sheen is recommended by contractors for outdoor polished concrete needs. There are also designs and aggregates applications that best suits driveways. What is more important is that the polished concrete used in driveways has a high coefficient of friction in order to make it slip resistant. While the chances are slim, it is better to be careful when driving on a driveway made from polished concrete.

Polished Concrete Cost for Bathroom

The same is true for polished concrete bathroom floor. The bathroom is one of the most slipping prone areas in the house. Carefully selecting the design and method of polishing can reduced the chances of any slipping accidents in the bathroom. Moreover, polished concrete is a nonporous surface which means it does not trap dirt, molds, and mildew, which are common bathroom nightmares. And since polished concrete is highly reflective of light, the bathroom appears brighter even with less usage of light in that particular part of the house. Such benefits make the polished concrete cost worth every penny.

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