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Exposed Aggregate Concrete – Things You Should Know

Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Things You Should Know

The idea of a beautiful house includes a luxurious interior, ceiling, lamps and tiling but before we take a look inside the house the exterior of house is first thing observed. Flooring is significant part of a house exterior , one of the most cost effective and durable flooring packaged with decorative and eye capturing impact is Exposed aggregate concrete . It is a form of decorative concrete accomplished by removing the upper surface of cement paste and exposing the decorative aggregate beneath. Click here to read more info about concrete.

Use of Exposed aggregate concrete:

This flooring is emerging as beautiful and sturdy paving giving a dramatic effect to traditional house architecture. It is used in:

Swimming pool edges
Landscaping, pathways in gardens and parks
Community areas

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Things You Should Know

Basic technique and methods of Polished concrete flooring :

There are three methods commonly used:

Monolithic: Aggregates are batched into concrete truck in concrete plant.

Seeded: Aggregates are manually and evenly spread after pouring concrete.

Overlay: This method is used on existing concrete. Aggregates are mixed with overlay medium and applied at the surface of concrete altering its previous look.

The steps involved in installation and manufacturing are:

Choice of aggregates and their preparation. It includes size, shape, texture, color of aggregates.

Pouring the base of concrete including tamping and spreading maintaining the thickness giving a flat even surface for the aggregates.

Seeding aggregate …